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"They told me you "Anadrol 50" have been approved for this $6,000 grant," Hopkins said. "I just need some information and we'll get it to you. I need you to give me your date of birth and the bank you use."

She was immediately suspicious and asked to talk to a supervisor. That's when Hopkins says it got ugly.

"The guy said Buy Cheap Jintropin Online 'you stop being so damn ridiculous and take this money that you don't have to pay back from your government,'" Hopkins said.

"Bottom line. the government never just gives away money for free to pay to remodel your house, update a car, or pay off a debt," said Dale Dixon, president of the Better Business Bureau.

Dixon says this grant scam is spreading across the country. The bad guys Anavar For Weight Loss are posing as government employees and using it to their advantage.

"Once you answer the phone and start talking to them they're going to use every ploy in their playbook to get you to give information," Dixon said.

Dixon says a legitimate grant usually requires you to fill out a lot of paperwork, match the money you're given, and it's going to come from an official government agency. Plus, grants are never guaranteed or solicited.

Hopkins is infuriated Gensci Jintropin because she's positive some nice folks have lost money.

"When the first phone call happened I could here them yelling in the background and getting "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" people's date of birth and banks and giving their addresses back to them so I know somebody got Anabolic Steroids Pills caught up in Deca Durabolin For Endurance Athletes this deal," Hopkins said.

She hopes they get what's coming to them. Unfortunately, Dixon says more times then not scammers get off scott free. Untraceable phone numbers make it nearly impossible to track them down. If they are caught Hopkins has something in mind.